Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Swashbuckling Good Time-Pirate Party

  • Decorate with fish netting, pirate flags, fake palm trees, old barrels, and other pirate relics... 
  • Provide dress-up pirate gear, such as, black hats, du rags or black hankerchiefs, fake swords and shields, eye patches, black belts, and black boots.  Also provide black eyeliner for mustaches and beards...

  • Serve chicken legs and ale (ginger-that is), and goldfish crackers
  • host a treasure hunt- here is a great link
  • Send out invitations in a bottle- get how-tos here
  • These are super-cute and can be sent in the mail:

  • Fill a celophane bag with a compass, eye patch, chocolate gold coins, and pirate stickers -customize it with a bag topper and staple closed.

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