Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brave Party Ideas

Here are some great Disney's Brave Party Ideas:

  • Use parchment paper and Old World font to create invitations on your computer. Fold and seal with a gold sticker.
  • Transform party area into the beautiful and rugged Highlands of Scotland with green crepe streamers, tissue paper, and moss.
  • Provide supplies and create a castle like those shown in the movie, use as a centerpiece and/or craft activity for the party.
  • Using posterboard, recreate Celtic Banners and hang on walls for decor. Google "celtic banners" for ideas and images.

  • Serve Scottish food.
  • Serve Ginger Ale in goblets.
  • Use Celtic fabric for tablecovers.

  • Play Celtic music in the background.
  • Hand out archery sets for a fun activity and let guests take them home as party favors. Set up targets. Here are instructions.

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