Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another great Summer Idea-Beach party!

Whether you actually host your beach party at the beach, or at home, you can host a fabulous beach party by following these tips:

Beach Party Invitations from Tiny Prints
  • Serve hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon, etc. (easy stuff that you can prepare outdoors -so you don't miss any of the fun!). You can also serve potato or macaroni salads in kid's sand pails.>of course use only new pails, and sterilize completely.
    Fill big galvanized steel tubs full of ice and hide frozen 'Pop Ice' in the bottom to keep frozen for cooling off later, and put cans of tea, lemonade, and soda sticking in the ice on the top.
  • You can also make your own sno cones.
  • Decorate using beach towels as tablecovers
  • For an inexpensive centerpiece--the bottom dish of a terra cotta flower pot, filled with sand and small pebbles and a votive candle (preferably a citronella candle (to keep the mosquitos away)...or just fresh flowers in a simple mason jar...
  • Fill a wicker basket of extra sunglasses, sunscreen, aloe, and visors to make your guest more comfortable...
  • Fill a plastic or metal sand pail for each guest with the following: beach ball, squirt gun, fun sunglasses, goldfish crackers, etc. These items can be found very reasonable at Century Novelty.

Cute idea for a kid's beach party!

  • Decorate the yard with tiki torches, big pots of flowers, and lots of big beach balls in the pool. You can also add floating flowers in the pool.
  • Set up pool volleyball, or other pool games for a group.Chick
-----and don't forget:
Practice safe pool fun-- make sure an adult is on 'lifeguard duty' at all times.
Fill sand pails with goodies and add a cute tag for great beach party favors!
Courtesy of
Chickabug Blog

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Perfect Summertime Party Theme- Luau!

Transport your guests to a tropical island with a luau party!

  • Have everyone dress in Hawaiian attire (floral print "hawaiian shirts, etc.). (make sure to note this on your invitation)
  • Set up tiki torches (outdoors only)
  • Decorate tables with brightly colored floral and solid tablecloths and use raffia table skirting.
  • Use pineapples, coconuts, bananas and kiwi in a big wicker basket for centerpieces on your tables.
  • Wrap plastic silverware in the napkin and secure with tropical flower.
Tropical Luau Tabletop from Social Couture -the blog

  • Serve teriyaki chicken and pork kabobs, and tropical smoothies. (easy recipe: blend bananas, strawberries, plain yogurt, milk and ice... TIP: you can also use ice cream to make it sweeter. Garnish drinks with pineapple chunks, cherries, strawberries on little plastic swords and to finish, an umbrella straw .
  • Serve fruit kabobs. Cut up bananas, starfruit, melon, mango, and kiwi. Add grapes and strawberries. Arrange on wooden skewers. You can either drizzle fruit with melted chocolate or make a fruit dip out of marshmallow cream and cream cheese. Display on brightly colored platter.
Adorable Luau Cookies -tutorial here

  • Make these adorable cookies for your Luau party and either set out, or package for a cute party favor!

Swashbuckling Good Time-Pirate Party

  • Decorate with fish netting, pirate flags, fake palm trees, old barrels, and other pirate relics... 
  • Provide dress-up pirate gear, such as, black hats, du rags or black hankerchiefs, fake swords and shields, eye patches, black belts, and black boots.  Also provide black eyeliner for mustaches and beards...

  • Serve chicken legs and ale (ginger-that is), and goldfish crackers
  • host a treasure hunt- here is a great link
  • Send out invitations in a bottle- get how-tos here
  • These are super-cute and can be sent in the mail:

  • Fill a celophane bag with a compass, eye patch, chocolate gold coins, and pirate stickers -customize it with a bag topper and staple closed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brave Party Ideas

Here are some great Disney's Brave Party Ideas:

  • Use parchment paper and Old World font to create invitations on your computer. Fold and seal with a gold sticker.
  • Transform party area into the beautiful and rugged Highlands of Scotland with green crepe streamers, tissue paper, and moss.
  • Provide supplies and create a castle like those shown in the movie, use as a centerpiece and/or craft activity for the party.
  • Using posterboard, recreate Celtic Banners and hang on walls for decor. Google "celtic banners" for ideas and images.

  • Serve Scottish food.
  • Serve Ginger Ale in goblets.
  • Use Celtic fabric for tablecovers.

  • Play Celtic music in the background.
  • Hand out archery sets for a fun activity and let guests take them home as party favors. Set up targets. Here are instructions.

    Littlest Pet Shop Party

    This party idea was requested by my dear little friend, Jillian, age 9.  Here are some fun ideas for hosting a Littlest Pet Shop Party!

  • Decorate with purple, lime, and pink helium balloons, streamers, and tablecovers.
  • Serve fish food (gummy worms), kitty food (goldfish crackers), puppy food (pigs and blankets), and birdie food (sunflower seeds).
  • Do face painting. Look online for ideas for painting puppy or kitten faces on the kids.
  • Use free Littlest Pet Shop printables for invitations, decorations, or a coloring activity.

  • Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Cake
    Photo courtesy of

  • Hand out wristbands, stickers, bubbles, and play dough, or a figurine.
  • Use Littlest Pet Shop figurines for easy cake decor.

  • Littlest Pet Shop Custom Cookies from:  

    Sunday, July 8, 2012

    Top Kid's Birthday Parties

    1.)   The Amazing Spiderman party
    2.)   Disney's Brave party
    3.)   Pirate party
    4.)   Campout party
    5.)   Wild West party
    6.)   Lego Party
    7.)   Sweet Sixteen party
    8.)   Barbie party