Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Basket Goodies

I started on Josh's Easter Basket this week. I went to this great Educational Toy Store that is actually going out of business :(. I found some great things. I got him a kit to make a Pinecar (like the ones the Boy Scouts make and race). He is into building and making things and loves cars too, so it's perfect. They had them 75% off. AWESOME. Now I am online again to try to find some great unique, un-candy gifts to fill his basket. I love Hearthsong too, they have some great stuff. This is what I found:
Earth Marbles in Pouch, set of 5

iconWebKinz Lamb or Cotton Candy Bunny


A Few of My Favorite Things from one of my fav stores- Plow and Hearth

iconI love to plant cascading flowers in these beautiful baskets.
Garden Whirligigs -love to watch them!
- have this and LOVE it!

iconWant this for my patio!

iconWe LOVE to watch the birds, especially if we catch a glimpse of the humingbirds! So fun!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter Photos Today

I decided today that I may not have very many years left for the cutesy Easter portraits before my son decides he is too big for that. Bella & I picked Josh up from school and took him to his photo shoot. When we arrived, he was greeted (by name) and quickly escorted to his own private dressing room.... where homemade cookies were waiting. During the photo session, he was a huge ham for the camera. You would have thought that he had been modeling for years... All of the photos turned out great! What a fun experience. Here is how he dressed for the photos:
Linen Striped Pink shirt, Navy Chinos, & Patchwork Tie, from The Children's Place
Navy Converse Chuck Taylor Original Sneakers
from Amazon.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boy's Spring Wardrobe

Okay, okay... I understand that a boy just doesn't really care, and they are bound to stain, stretch, rip, or otherwise eventually destroy (or at least maim) the clothing items that I chose and paid for with such ardor. BUT, I still feel a need to dress my child in the styles that I adore. (at least when he isn't playing outside :) )...
Cool Lizard Shirt, Loose fit Jeans, Gap Tee, Striped Shirt, and Cool Shades

Awesome photography

I met this very talented woman when her son and my son were in preschool together. I just absolutely love her work and I wanted to share it with you.