Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back To School is Cool!

I think of it as a celebration!  Let's have a party! Here are some great ideas for hosting a back-to-school party!
These ideas could also be used for teachers to use to welcome their kids this year!
These cupcakes deserve a A+ for creativity! Courtesy of

For decorations use:
  • a world map for a party table backdrop.
  • chalk board, or black roll paper with white chalk writing "back to school" or "school is cool"
  • big bowl of shiny red apples
  • pencils with cute pencil top erasers in a vase for a cute centerpiece
  • a world globe
  • use alphabet cards or flash cards for a cute border
  • make your own flash cards "Cc" and underneath "is for cookies" to identify items on the food table.
Cute personalized back to school labels, invitations, and more at Tiny
  • Serve triangle cut peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • juice boxes
  • Activities could include: multiplication games, flash cards, water balloon fight, scavenger hunt or a read a thon.
  • Party favors and prizes could include: back to school supplies and fun erasers, stickers, snacks, etc.
Back to School party favors from Sheek Shindigs!

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